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Capturing Leads and Building the "Know, Like & Trust"

Factor Through Your Email Campaign.

Is this familiar to you?

Did you know the most cost effective way to increase your business income
is not by looking for new clients?


If so, I'd like to ask you a few questions:


1. Do you desire to increase your income and decrease your advertising costs?

2. Would it be of benefit to you if your current or past clients purchased from

you again and again

3. Would you love it if your existing and past clients referred their friends

and family

4. Or, are you starting your business on a "shoe-string" budget?

5. Maybe you already have a list but aren't quite sure how to monetize it effectively,
increasing your profitability?


If You Answered Yes to Any of these Questions, Then I Have Something

Incredible to Share With You! The most effective way to increase your income

is by staying in touch with the clients you already have. Yet, most business owners

fall short of this very simple and affordable marketing and sales tool.


Dollar for Dollar a Consistently Sent Newsletter Is 
The Best Marketing Tool Available!


Find out Why Thousands of Successful Business Owners use a Newsletter Service to Build a Strong and Successful Business


Automated, Affordable and Easy Solutions designed to:


  • Attract New Clients

  • Gain Referrals

  • Build Trust

  • Increase Your Credibility

  • Brand You as an Expert in Your Area

  • Define Your Niche

  • Achieve 99% Retention of Clients

  • Drive Sales to Your Classes and Other Products and Services

  • Build Your List for Future Offers & Specials

  • Keep Your Clients Informed About You

  • Increase Your Income

  • Monetize Your Website or Blog


One Newsletter Client said it increased his referral business by 27% in just a few months.

That is Huge! Another client said he increased his sales by a whopping 233% due to his email marketing.

LIght Bulb.jpg

Your Newsletter Makes it Happen

Woman on Computer

Don’t have a list yet?

No Website?


Don’t Worry…We have affordable solutions for that too and we’ll be training you on the correct and most successful way to build your list with our “Build a Six-Figure Hypnosis or Coaching Business” training.


As a member of our Success Club, (just by becoming a newsletter or website client) not only do you get a fabulously professional, consistently sent newsletter, branding YOU as the expert, we provide ongoing business coaching and Expert Interviews to help you succeed in every area of your business at no extra charge.


Other services charge as much as $300 to set up your newsletter service and anywhere from $160 to almost $300 per month to send your newsletter out for you and they don’t provide any coaching.


I’ll let you in on a little secret:


Even at $300 per month, a consistently done, professional newsletter branding you as the expert is well worth every penny! Your enewsletter is one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available to you. And, as you learn how to grow your enewsletter list, we will teach you valuable techniques to monetize your site through classes, workshops, product launches, affiliate programs and much more.


We want to make it even easier and affordable for you. Truth is, if you’re serious about building a six-figure business, you can’t afford not to do a newsletter.


For a one-time $199 set up fee and only $127 per month, we will do all the work for you, help you increase your client base and work with you to build your six-figure business.




But Wait a Minute....because we have a 

Very Special Offer Just For You!

Pay only $127.00 per month for a fully customized monthly eblast designed to provide valuable information to your tribe and encourage referrals and customer loyalty, while branding YOU a the expert in your market.


Don’t Delay in Building your Six-Figure Business…


(That's $500 per year savings!!!!)


Don't Wait, because at $127/month

this is a steal and way below our

competitors pricing.

Man Working from Home

Call Today to Speak to One of Our Consultants....
We can Create an Affordable and Effective Marketing System to Reach Your Goals...

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